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2012 Kawasaki Ultra 300X
The Fastest Jet Ski on the Planet
As an innovator of the personal watercraft since the first Jet Ski, Kawasaki has a long history of high performance on the water.Kawasaki’s flagship, the Jet Ski Ultra 300X, pushes the performance envelope even further.
With incredible boost from an Eaton Twin Vortices Supercharger, the big Kawasaki Ninja-inspired marine engine pumps out 300 horsepower* through an all new pump for incredible hook-up and acceleration.
Not only is the 2012 Ultra 300X high powered, but it’s also high-tech. Riders can adjust hull attitude with the electric trim system, there’s an electronic throttle valve with electronic cruise control, fuel saving ECO mode and an all digital instrument panel.

2010 Kawasaki Ultra 260x
King of Jet Ski … Again
Just ask any drag racer – supercharged is the ultimate path to massive engine power. Supercharging delivers instantaneous throttle response and boost immediately available from idle. In making the JET SKI ULTRA 260X the ultimate personal watercraft, we used a potent direct-drive Roots-type air-pump system that constantly is supercharging the intake mixture. The system pressurises the engines inlet tract up to 1.74 times atmospheric pressure – or 11.4 psi. Delivering more air means more oxygen is available for more powerful combustion. But since compressed air builds heat, a massive aluminium intercooler drops the air charge right down to ambient temperature. Now thats powerful engineering.
Kawasaki reasserts its claim to the personal watercraft throne with the Ultra 260X. A direct descendant to the previous King of Jet Ski watercraft, the supercharged Ultra 250X, this model utilizes new pistons, cams, exhaust system, ignition timing, jet pump and a reinforced hull to produce a mind boggling 260 horsepower* and reclaim its place atop the watercraft world.