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RefPart NumberDescription# On DiagramPrice Per ItemQTY In BasketNotesDetails
670670B201601 O RING,16MMx1$4.50
1300113001371901 PISTON-ENGINE,STDx2$111.50
1300213002370601 PIN-PISTONx2$24.00
1300813008370801 RING-SET-PISTON,STDx2$61.00
1302413024370601 RING-SET-PISTON LL,O/S 1.$61.00
1302513025370601 RING-SET-PISTON L,O/S 0.5$61.00
1302713027371101 PISTON-ENGINE LL,O/S 1.00$111.50
1302913029371101 PISTON-ENGINE L,O/S 0.50$111.50
1303113031372801 CRANKSHAFT-COMP$1399.00
13031A13031373003 CRANKSHAFT-COMP$591.50
13031B13031373003 CRANKSHAFT-COMP$591.50
1303313033370301 BEARING-SMALL ENDx2$29.00
4203442034370701 COUPLINGx1$53.00
9203392033372101 RING-SNAPx4$3.00
9204592045371401 BEARING-BALLx2$45.00
9204992049370601 SEAL-OIL,S30726x1$16.50
92049A92049371301 SEAL-OIL,FWJ7307210ZSx2$38.50
9214392143375801 COLLAR$36.50
92143A92143375801 COLLAR$36.50
92143B92143375801 COLLAR$36.50