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RefPart NumberDescription# On DiagramPrice Per ItemQTY In BasketNotesDetails
411411S050001 WASHER-PLAIN,5MMx1$2.00
551551R081201 PIN-DOWELx2$8.00
14031A14031-372101 COVER-GENERATOR$224.50
9200292002-372601 BOLT,6X30x7$5.00
9200492004-371001 STUD,6X30x2$8.00
9202892028-371801 BUSHINGx1$9.50
9205592055-371201 RING-O,GENERATOR COVERx1$27.00
92055A92055-51501 'O' RINGx1$2.00
9206692066-373901 PLUGx1$18.50
9214492144-372801 SPRINGx1$5.50
9217092170-373501 CLAMPx1$8.50
92170A92170-373601 CLAMPx1$8.50