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RefPart NumberDescription# On DiagramPrice Per ItemQTY In BasketNotesDetails
150150R061601 BOLT-WS,6X16x3$4.00
224224R061401 SCREW-PAN-WP-CROS,6X14x2$2.50
1104811048-377301 BRACKET,OIL TANKx1$65.50
1309113091-371201 HOLDERx5$5.00
13091A13091-376401 HOLDER,BANDx1$5.00
1611516115-372001 CAP-OIL FILLERx1$56.50
4906549065-370101 FILTER-OILx1$20.50
49065A49065-370301 FILTER-OILx1$20.50
52001A52001-500401 TANK-OIL$162.00
52001B52001-500401 TANK-OIL$162.00
52001C52001-500401 TANK-OIL$162.00
9202292026-153601 SPACER,25.5X38X1.0$7.00
9203792037-117301 CLAMP,SPARK PLUG CAPx4$1.50
92037A92037-372601 CLAMPx2$5.50
9207292072-374801 BAND,BATTERYx2$35.00
92072A92072-123901 BAND,L=188x1$2.50
9207592075-26101 DAMPER,RUBBERx7$4.50
9217092170-370501 CLAMPx1$7.50
9219092190-399401 TUBE,OIL PUMP-OIL FILTERx1$10.00
92190A92190-399501 TUBE,OIL TANK-OIL FILTERx1$27.50
92191A92191-376301 TUBE,OIL PUMP-OIL TANKx1$20.50