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RefPart NumberDescription# On DiagramPrice Per ItemQTY In BasketNotesDetails
132132BD061201 BOLT-FLANGED-SMALL,6X12x1$2.50
1101111011004601 CASE-AIR FILTER,UPPx1$45.50
11011A11011004701 CASE-AIR FILTER,LWRx1$58.00
1101311013000101 ELEMENT-AIR FILTERx1$56.00
1328013280127201 HOLDERx1$39.50
13280A13280011101 HOLDERx1$26.00
1407314073177501 DUCT,JOINTx1$7.00
14073A14073183001 DUCT,AIR FANNELx2$9.50
14073B14073184901 DUCT, INTAKEx1$41.50
4900649006129201 BOOTx2$8.50
9200192001170301 BOLT,6X16x3$4.00
9200992009162101 SCREW,6X16x4$2.00
9203792171157101 CLAMPx2$9.00
92037A9203714701 CLAMP,TUBEx1$7.50
92037B92037150501 CLAMP,TUBEx4$5.50
9206692066121101 PLUG,DRAINx1$8.00
9209392093152201 SEAL,AIR FILTER CASEx1$11.00
92093A92093156901 SEAL,HOLDER-HOLDERx1$14.50
92093B92093157001 SEALx1$11.00
9215192151130501 BOLT,FLANGED,5X12x8$1.50
9215392153105201 BOLT,FLANGED,6X28.7x2$7.00
9216092160159401 DAMPERx2$5.00
9217092170151401 CLAMPx1$4.50
92170A92170176401 CLAMPx2$20.50
9217192171139401 CLAMP,AIR FILTER CASEx4$4.50
92171A92171152201 CLAMP,AIR VENTx1$7.00
9219192191149401 TUBE,7X11X210x1$4.50
92191A92191153101 TUBE,7X11X470x2$8.00