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RefPart NumberDescription# On DiagramPrice Per ItemQTY In BasketNotesDetails
130130BB082501 BOLT-FLANGED,8X25x6$5.00
130A130CB084501 BOLT-FLANGEDx1$3.50
132132BA061601 BOLT-FLANGED-SMALL,6X16x3$2.00
132A132BB063001 BOLT-FLANGED-SMALL,6X30x9$4.50
1402414024-155401 COVER,FANx1$43.50
1407314073-132401 DUCTx1$10.00
14073A14073-157301 DUCT,CONVERTER OUTLETx1$39.50
1409014090-123901 COVER,BELT CONVERTERx1$180.50
1801818018-109201 PLATE-HEAT GUARDx1$12.00
18018A18018-111801 PLATE-HEAT GUARDx1$15.50
3209932099-073001 CASE,BELT CONVERTERx1$221.50
4900649006-135101 BOOTx1$10.00
5300453004-107901 MAT,GUARD PLATEx1$15.50
9200992009-133201 SCREW,TAPPING,5X10x2$4.00
9202292022-10101 WASHER,8.5X26X0.8x7$4.00
9202792027-401501 COLLARx7$10.00
9205592055-139501 RING-O,CRANKCASE SIDEx1$5.50
9207192071-121201 GROMMET,CONVERTER CASEx1$10.00
9209392093-058201 SEAL,BELT CONVERTER COVERx1$18.00
9216092160-101201 DAMPERx7$5.50
9217092173-140101 CLAMPx1$14.00
92170A92170-144801 CLAMPx2$7.50