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RefPart NumberDescription# On DiagramPrice Per ItemQTY In BasketNotesDetails
120120CB051201 BOLT-SOCKET,(5X12)x3$2.50
130130BA083001 BOLT-FLANGED,8X30x1$1.50
1101211012-172501 CAPx2$4.00
1614616146-000601 COVER-ASSY,FUEL TANKx1$208.00
3908539085-106501 PAD-TANK,FUEL TANK,LHx1$64.00
39085A39085-106601 PAD-TANK,FUEL TANK,RHx1$64.00
39085B39085-106701 PAD-TANK,FUEL TANK,CNTx1$44.50
3915639156-170001 PAD,FUEL TANK COVER,FRx1$41.00
39156A39156-170101 PAD,FUEL TANK COVER,RRx1$30.00
5104951049-001901 CAP-TANK,FUELx1$151.50
51083B51083-5106-8N01 TANK-COMP-FUEL,C.L.GREEN$2400.00
51083F51083-5349-72401 TANK-COMP-FUEL,P.M.REDx1$2400.00
9203792037-14701 CLAMP,TUBEx2$7.50
9207492074-02801 PLUG,7X2x2$4.50
9207592075-101101 DAMPERx3$8.50
92075A92075-12501 DAMPER,FUEL TANKx2$7.00
92075B92075-173601 DAMPERx2$7.00
9215192151-194001 BOLT,SOCKET,6X12x1$3.50
9215292152-139301 COLLARx1$8.00
9216092160-175101 DAMPER,FUEL TANKx2$16.50
9219192191-127201 TUBE,DRAINx1$21.00
92191A92191-152901 TUBE,5X10X650x1$15.00