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RefPart NumberDescription# On DiagramPrice Per ItemQTY In BasketNotesDetails
480480J130001 CIRCLIP-TYPE-C,13MMx1$4.00
482482EA010001 CIRCLIP-TYPE-E,10MMx1$1.50
1306313063-00201 DAMPER,PEDALx1$5.50
1315613156-001301 LEVER-CHANGEx1$112.50
1316113161-000601 LEVER-COMP-CHANGE SHAFTx1$93.00
13161A13161-125301 LEVER-COMP-CHANGE SHAFTx1$77.50
13161B13161-125401 LEVER-COMP-CHANGE SHAFTx1$76.00
1316513165-112001 PAWLx1$14.00
1323613236-112601 LEVER-COMP,POSITIONx1$17.50
3911039110-111901 ROD-ASSY-TIEx1$13.00
9200192001-171501 BOLT,FLANGED,6X14x1$10.50
9201592015-144301 NUT,6MMx1$4.00
92015A92015-144401 NUT,LEFT HANDED,6MMx1$5.00
9202292022-122401 WASHER,13.2X20X0.5x1$4.50
9208192081-186901 SPRING,CHANGE PEDAL RETURx1$10.50
9214492144-102901 SPRINGx1$7.50
9214592145-000801 SPRING,RETURNx1$8.00
9215192151-122601 BOLT,FLANGED,6X20x1$2.00
9215392154-183801 BOLT,RETURN SPRINGx1$10.00
92153A92153-126801 BOLT,8X25x1$3.00