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RefPart NumberDescription# On DiagramPrice Per ItemQTY In BasketNotesDetails
482482J020001 CIRCLIP-TYPE-E,12MMx1$4.00
1316113161-129201 LEVER-COMP-CHANGE SHAFTx1$105.00
1323613236-124301 LEVER-COMPx1$24.50
13236A13236-136501 LEVER-COMP,PEDALx1$85.50
1324213242-139501 LEVER-ASSY-CHANGEx1$62.00
3911039110-002101 ROD-ASSY-TIEx1$25.50
9202292022-162801 WASHER,CHANGE SHAFTx1$7.00
9204992049-149201 SEAL-OILx2$8.00
9208192081-170801 SPRING,PAWL RETURNx1$7.00
9214392143-159501 COLLARx1$9.00
9214492144-185701 SPRING,GEAR POSITIONx1$8.50
9214592145-112201 SPRINGx1$9.00
9215092150-173701 BOLT,SOCKET,6X16x1$10.00
92150A92154-188501 BOLT,RETURN SPRINGx1$8.00
9215192151-122601 BOLT,FLANGED,6X20x1$2.00
9215292152-138301 COLLAR,14.2X19.9X12.0x1$4.50
9216192161-130001 DAMPER,CHANGE PEDALx1$6.50
9221092210-110001 NUT,6MMx1$2.00
92210A92210-110101 NUT,LEFT HANDED,6MMx1$2.00