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RefPart NumberDescription# On DiagramPrice Per ItemQTY In BasketNotesDetails
1200412004-113201 VALVE-INTAKEx8$44.50
1200512005-125601 VALVE-EXHAUSTx8$66.50
1200912009-109101 RETAINER-VALVE SPRINGx16$12.50
1201112011-105301 COLLETx32$5.50
1203212032-000901 TAPPETx16$36.50
1600716007-122801 SEAT-SPRINGx16$28.00
4907849078-121901 SPRING-ENGINE VALVEx16$17.50
9204992049-134901 SEAL-OIL,VSB 4.3 7.5 5.3x16$10.00
9218092180-101403 SHIM,T=2.50x16$9.00
92180A92180-101603 SHIM,T=2.55$9.00
92180B92180-101803 SHIM,T=2.60$9.00
92180C92180-102003 SHIM,T=2.65$9.00
92180D92180-102203 SHIM,T=2.70$9.00
92180E92180-102403 SHIM,T=2.75$9.00
92180F92180-102603 SHIM,T=2.80$9.00
92180G92180-102803 SHIM,T=2.85$9.00
92180H92180-103003 SHIM,T=2.90$9.00
92180I92180-103203 SHIM,T=2.95$9.00
92180J92180-103403 SHIM,T=3.00$9.00
92180K92180-103603 SHIM,T=3.05$9.00
92180L92180-103803 SHIM,T=3.10$9.00
92180M92180-104003 SHIM,T=3.15$9.00
92180N92180-104201 SHIM,T=3.20$17.50
92180O92180-104403 SHIM,T=3.25$9.00
92180P92180-104603 SHIM,T=3.30$9.00
92180Q92180-104803 SHIM,T=3.35$9.00
92180R92180-105003 SHIM,T=3.40$9.00
92180S92180-105203 SHIM,T=3.45$9.00
92180T92180-105403 SHIM,T=3.50$9.00