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RefPart NumberDescription# On DiagramPrice Per ItemQTY In BasketNotesDetails
130130BB060801 BOLT-FLANGED,6X8x2$4.00
1101011010-001401 FILTER-ASSY-AIR$542.00
11010A11010-003401 FILTER-ASSY-AIR$534.00
1101311013-130201 ELEMENT-AIR FILTERx1$86.50
1407314073-001301 DUCTx4$32.00
14073A14073-184701 DUCTx1$43.00
1612616126-143301 VALVE,AIR SWITCHx1$243.00
9200992172-000901 SCREW,TAPPING,5X20x2$3.00
92009A92009-162101 SCREW,6X16x2$2.00
9203792171-157101 CLAMPx1$9.00
92037A92037-14701 CLAMP,TUBEx2$7.50
92037B92037-199301 CLAMP$5.50
9206692066-121101 PLUG,DRAINx1$8.00
9207192071-214001 GROMMETx1$7.00
9209392093-000201 SEALx1$8.00
92093A92093-158301 SEALx1$19.50
9217192171-153901 CLAMPx1$3.00
92171A92171-155301 CLAMPx4$12.00
9217292172-005601 SCREW-PAN-CROS,5X25x11$3.00
9219192191-001901 TUBE,7X10X320x1$12.00
92191A92191-178301 TUBEx1$47.00
9219292192-000401 TUBE,10X16X51x1$5.50
92192A92192-000701 TUBE,12X18X290x1$25.50
92192B92192-000901 TUBE,10X16X29x1$3.00